Thursday, July 29, 2010

Serge Mouille

While I'm being grouchy about things sold by DWR that I could never afford... I've noticed that they now offer Serge Mouille lighting. It seems DWR is recommitting itself to serious design. Although the price is even higher than the last time I lamented their unattainability. (More archive shots here, here and here.)

P.S. Sexy chairs in this photo.

image via From the Right Bank


nkp said...

I had no idea. I'm afraid to go look at the $$$. You know, his lighting is at the tippy top of my most wanted list.

nkp said...

Ok, I overcame my fear and looked. OUCH. Painful, but oh-so desirable.

Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble finding a well-designed floor lamp that's a reading lamp (that fits in my space). But recently I did find a beautiful and very affordable knock-off of this lamp. Is it wrong to purchase the knock-off?