Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Original features, and not

Given that I live in a pretty bland, 13-year-old building, I'm always envious of people who live in older homes that have some quirk. Case in point, this big wall of raggedy windows, which make a highly unusual back wall for a bed. I'm not entirely sold on the regency headboard, but the colorful chinoiserie bedspread is a great contrast to the rawness of the space.

In the same home, an appealingly ramshackle kitchen with ancient tin walls.

Oh wait. The walls are actually covered with embossed wallpaper that's been painted. I like it.

from Design*Sponge

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Kate said...

I'm all about the quirks. I signed a lease on my last apartment based entirely on the fact that it had thick molding and an interior stained glass window -- it was enough for me!

I love that first picture, I'm obsessed with that dwell bedding -- but I had never seen it in those colors!