Thursday, February 11, 2010

Teeny tiny NY apartment

I'm always fascinated with what people do with apartments that are even smaller than mine. In this case, just 178 square feet! Here, wood panelling, stained green, adds considerable character to a minimal kitchen.

Navy blue in the bathroom. I must say, given the size of the apartment, that's a really big tub.

from The Times


erin@designcrisis said...

HUGE tub -- bigger than the tubs in my almost 2000 sq ft ranch house!

I like the paneled kitchen, but the green looks dingy to me.

Anonymous said...

With such a small apartment and such a large tub, any bath would provide a great source of heat. I certainly appreciated my tiny bathroom and huge tub in the winter.

But I saw that article and thought that it would take a lot of shuffling of piles in order to transition between, say, coffee table and dining table.

Cassie said...

Yeah, I wasn't super keen on the rest of the apartment. A bit too cluttered.

nkp said...

I just came across this article in the Times last night. Found it a fascinating read. The apartment is chock full of stuff, but rather incredible considering the amount, or lack there of, of space. I really like the green in the kitchen. BIg impact in this postage stamp size space.