Thursday, February 11, 2010

Before and after

Well, I might have been ready to give up on Lonny, but then Design Crisis pointed out their Kelly Wearstler feature, and I realized I had to look at it after all. I ended up discovering my favorite sort of before and after — one where both were designed by the same person. It's nice to see how tastes evolve (and budgets increase) over time.

Here is Ryan Korban, featured on The Selby in 2008. That black kitchen was certainly eye catching! I seem to remember this photo being used in a lot of the early press about Todd Selby's photos.

Now here's Korban's apartment in the third isssue of Lonny. Kitchen layout is the same. Same Chinese vase above the fridge, same white mirror. But the black paint has been replaced with a super bold wallpaper. Interesting, right?


erin@designcrisis said...

Yeah, Lonny is generally headed down a road to certain mediocrity, but I did enjoy the KW spread, as well as Korban's apartment.

I really like the crazy wallpaper -- feels much more spacious than the black. What do you think?

Cassie said...

I agree. The paper is an upgrade.

nkp said...

Not just interesting, really fascinating. Love your side-by-side comparison. I like both spaces, but love the evolution. that wallpaper is gorgeous and elevates the mundane space to fabulous.