Sunday, January 24, 2010


One side effect of being a wee bit decor obsessed, is that you notice things in films and movies that you really aren't supposed to. I mean, in Julie and Julia, was I really supposed to be wondering if Julie Powell could afford a Tolomeo light? I watched an episode of Burn Notice (above) this week and was way too distracted by the presence of a Christian Dell lamp in Michael Weston's barely-converted warehouse apartment. Closer inspection proves that of course it's a low-cost knockoff. Still, I'm pretty sure that the show's creators don't want viewers to be contemplating the hero spy out shopping for a lamp to perfectly complement his industrial-chic decor.

Does anyone else find themselves doing this?


nkp said...

Do I ever! I was thinking the very same thing about Julie and Julia! How funny. And last night while watching (500) Days of Summer, I wanted the characters to get out of the way so I could spy a better glimpse of the male character's apartment...great tufted leather chesterfield and quirky chalkboard wall drawn headboard. Disturbing? ;0)

erin@designcrisis said...

I drive the hubs crazy rewinding and playing back tv shows in slo-mo so I can check out the mise en scene.

That lamp is hawt. I would spraypaint that sucker in some punchy high gloss color. Blasphemy? Probably.