Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bauhaus lamps

I spotted this lamp not to long ago. It's manufactured by Robert Abbey and called the "Bruno Adjustable C Arm Desk Lamp." Cost? $116. I liked the retro design, although I was a little skeptical of the "leaded bronze finish." I wish it was just black lacquer. Now I apologize to those whom this is very old news, but I recently realized that this is not just a retro-inspired piece...

it is a direct copy of this, the "Kaiser Idell Model 6631 Luxus," by Bauhaus designer Christian Dell. It's currently available on eBay for $800, and guess what? It's in black lacquer.

Browsing through "Kaiser Idell" on eBay revealed that I've been crushing on varieties of those vintage lamps all over the place. This photo, for example (from a recent Elle Decoration UK):

They don't seem to be in production anymore (or at least not for the States). I don't know if that makes the copying any better.

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Stephanie said...

It's a beautiful lamp. I might be able to wink harder at the copy if it came in black lacquer.