Monday, September 28, 2009

Copper pendant

I went to a sale night at the Conran Shop last week. I actually bought a lamp (!), but I'll say more on that when it's delivered. Conran's is my favorite design shop in New York. It's just very democratically laid out. It's easy to take a good look at everything and all the prices are clearly marked. And while the store has plenty of insanely expensive fantasy pieces, they are mixed among affordable ones. I always enjoy sizing up the floor models — seeing how they stand up to wear and tear and if they look as nice in person as they do in pictures.

Which brings us to Tom Dixon's Copper pendant. Kind of trendy right now (it's only been around since 2005!) but I must say it looked fabulous in close up at the store.

image from Jakob Solgren

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erin@designcrisis said...

I don't care how trendy Dixon's pendants are, I think they're pretty special. But then I like anything shiny...

Can't wait to see what you bought!