Sunday, November 22, 2009

Guess what I bought?

Bought a little treat for myself this month. There were so many good features in this issue that I felt the pull irresistible. But it's taken me a while to find time for scanning (I didn't bother with the adorable English cottage spread, because several of the images were in this recent post at Head Over Heels).

This is from the cover story — sort of a "art gallery director brings his work home with him" type place. But the bedroom does have some practical value. One tends to think of one big piece of art over the bed. But here's a set of small pieces. It works.

from World of Interiors, November 2009


erin@designcrisis said...

Ooooooooooooooooo, scan more!!!!!

nkp said...

I like the horizontal expanse of art. It does work! Really makes the eye appreciate the room from corner to corner.

And thank you, Cassie, for the shout-out! :0)