Sunday, November 22, 2009


Living in a small apartment, I tend to think art is that one thing I can buy with abandon — after all, it's flat! But I find myself now reaching the point where I seem to have more art than wall space. I've concentrated my small pieces onto an art wall, and I wonder now if it's getting too crowded and hectic. But then I look at a picture like this... Admittedly the art here is of greater value than mine, but it still looks quite lovely, and most importantly, personal, which is what one should want from her art collection, I think. Also of note, the elegance and sparkle of the old gilt frames.

Another image from the same home. Man, I love the frame job on both these pictures.

And yet another. No framed art, but I adore the look of that built-in bookcase with the natural wood. Homey and high-end, elegant and cozy. Very good.

from World of Interiors, November 2009


Stephanie said...

I love a home like this - it doesn't look like it is trying too hard.

I think with the picture situation, you either have to commit and go full tilt with filling a wall, or rigorously edit. It's the halfway spaces that look most forlorn, don't you think?

david john said...

yes i agree. go full steam if you are gonna hang...

and built ins are the best! ever place i lived in, ive always ended up building them in..

nice blog!

erin@designcrisis said...

I think you could do the picture wall. Just put the pacaud print in the middle ;)

nkp said...

Damn, that's one fantastic issue of World of Interiors! I think I might have to search this one out and splurge. Just as Stephanie said, I like that this home doesn't look it's not trying too hard. This is how the owner really lives. And he or she lives beautifully!!!