Monday, October 5, 2009

There is no dirt in Sweden.

At least, that's what their high-end design would have you believe. All those white floors! Would you be allowed to step in dripping wet from the pool?

I am no minimalist, but I have to admire the clean lines of this home. Of course, they're showing off the architecture. I'd love to see how this home looked with people living in it.

I'm not sold on the rest of the bathroom. But I really like that mirror cabinet. I happen to know that circular lights like that are super flattering. It's nice to see a high-end version.

See, I've focused on the one attainable thing in the whole house!

from Yatzer


Jayne said...

I agree - what happens with the dirty footprints? Perhaps these homes come with a little robot cleaner that follows you around! I love and admire white interiors and minimalism but it remains an intangible and unrealistic desire with 2 young boys! As for that bathroom, it looks too much like blue vein cheese to me... Great post thanks. Jayne

Stephanie said...

I always wonder where they put the mail ... and the keys ... and the change. And all the things that seem to get emptied out of pockets and form little piles in corners. Very intriguing. Maybe they are an advanced version of the species!

I love the round lamp.

Guy said...

I am having a real obsession with marble at the minute, though. I'm seeing it used a lot more in modern homes - often as a kitchen surface. This one is a bit 'veiny' - but I'm warming to the idea of it.