Monday, October 5, 2009


So... have y'all looked at Lonny? It's the new Web decor magazine put together by former Domino editors. Honestly, I wasn't all that thrilled. I was reminded that my taste was frequently not synched with Domino's. And these Domino-on-the-cheap looks left me kind of cold. There's quite a lot of stuff in the magazine, but more isn't always better.

It's a sad thing when I think my favorite thing in the whole mag was the home of Grace from Design*Sponge, which I've all seen before on her blog. Draw all the conclusions about my taste level that you wish. (Incidentally, she gives a good tutorial on how she made her upholstered headboard here. But I might be just as inclined to use Karly from Design Crisis' instructions here.)

Paging through the online magazine, the biggest thing I noticed was how MANY photos of each interior they ran. Not so fun if you're not crazy about the interior. I found I got more irritated than I would if I was paging through a print mag. Anyway, this is the home of former Domino editor Deborah Needleman, and I just pulled it because I like the dark wall color in a traditional space.

I also really loved this rug in a modern space, although otherwise the room looks really dull. Somehow, I feel a different photograph might have made it more interesting?

In conclusion: Long live print!


Anonymous said...

I didn't like it either. I flipped through in about 2 minutes and found it pretty boring. But then I never really liked Domino so I guess I'm not the target market. I did like Blueprint from martha stewart though and wish that would come back.

erin@designcrisis said...

I kinda enjoyed Eddie Ross' home even though it's not my style at all. It just looked the most finished, perhaps. I do like the Needleman pic you pulled, and I am totally with you on the Persian rugs!

Otherwise, I thought Lonny was... lame. But free. So I guess it's a wash.

Oh, and I hate the name. Lonny? Seriously?

erin@designcrisis said...

Oh, and thanks for the shout out! That Karly is one crafty mutha.

Cassie said...

Eddie Ross' home wasn't bad, although there was way too much of it. I think I was biased against it because I found him so insufferable on Top Design.

(Yes, I just admitted I watched Top Design.)

Designers' Brew said...

Cassie, I had the exact same opinion. TOO MANY photos, not enough editing, and nothing, nothing, fresh or new. Pass.