Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Akari sightings

Last week I went to my friendly neighborhood Noguchi Museum to look at the Akari Light Sculptures (for my current table lamp search). Unfortunately, they didn't have either of the models I was interested in (the two most popular!) in stock. I looked at some other lamps (including the many printed models) and left unconvinced. But recently I feel like I've been seeing these lamps everywhere! And they tend to look good in photos!

The top photo (with that gorgeous floor and cool cement storage unit) has one of the lamps I'm interested in. The bottom photo shows a printed model.

from OWI (top) and Design*Sponge (bottom)


karly / design crisis said...

Dang girl, you're still looking for table lamps?!

That top pic is awesome, by the way

Cassie said...

I'm a very cautious shopper!

Ben said...

Vitra do the akari lighting in Europe (at greatly elevated prices) and their UK website has some decent images:

We're thinking of getting the 14A or 25N floor lamps ourselves -- the second looks kind of like a snowman. If we go to look at them at the Noguchi Museum we'll be sure to ring first!

Ben said...

As a kind of update, I thought I'd comment on our own recent Noguchi lamp purchase. First of all, the prices for these things seem to vary within New York. We bought a horn lamp at the MomaStore for $250 less than at the Noguchi Museum, even before using the 20% members discount. The prices at the Conran Shop are cheaper too.

The Noguchi floor lamps with the bamboo poles also require a surprising amount of self-assembly. We had to return the first model we bought, which in retrospect must have been previously returned by someone else. Our replacement model was packaged with the wire already fed through the bamboo pole, not the case with the first. (It's very very hard to feed the wire through yourself.) You have to do some basic wiring and the 2 horn shades aren't that easy to fit on (one of them even being a misfit on our original, defective model). Our second model had a much prettier laquer ring.

After all that, we're still very pleased with our buy!