Monday, June 15, 2009


Yes, goodbye my television, you worthless relic! And goodbye my VCR and DVD player! You are heading to the ash heap of history. But I'm not buying any stinking converter boxes, and I'm not getting lousy cable. I am going to live TV-free!

(Well... actually, I am going to rely strictly on my computer (which has a bigger screen anyway) for all my television needs. But TV-free sounds more noble!)

But what does this mean in decorating terms? It means that I have cleared up some valuable space in my little apartment, and I can buy a table lamp!

I can go for the cheapie place holder: the LYKTA from Ikea ($12.99).

I could support a designer from my 'hood (even though he's dead) and try a Noguchi Akari Light Sculpture ($105).

There's the superslick Miss K by Philippe Starck ($288).

Or the fun, yet timeless Jielde Signal lamp ($450). But not in turquiose. Actually, I'm just including it because I think it's such a great lamp — it really wouldn't look right in my space.

And then there's my longstanding obsession, the Bestlite ($549). The table lamp is actually nicer than the floor lamp, which I've had my eye on forever. Plus it's almost $300 dollars cheaper!

Unlike the Arne Jacobson ($812!). I'd rather pay $882 and get a floor model, thank you very much.

So there are some options. I'm thinking about it.


carol l. said...

My advice: immediately get the Ikea lamp — in red! Then think about it a little more and put out for the Bestlite which looks terrific. Although I also like the Philippe Starck. But while you contemplate your options, you can enjoy the red. Even if only for a week, for $12.95, it's worth it.

erin@designcrisis said...

I'm going to have good dreams about the Jielde lamp...

karly / design crisis said...

oh, that starck one is so so good. I like carol's suggestion, get the red and live with it until you're ready to make a life decision

benhunting said...

I dislike the Miss K -- too slick and plasticky-looking for me! Even when I'm initially attracted to a Starck design, I usually find I tire of it. Conversely I recently saw the Bestlite table lamp, in cream, and its design is much less ephemeral -- a total classic. The Noguchis might give a pleasingly ambiant light although, judging from our Noguchi ceiling light, the light diffused by the paper is harsher than one might expect.