Monday, March 12, 2012

Loft in San Francisco

from Designspiration. More at the link.


Unknown said...


I'm following your blog for two years right now and I love it. To me, is the first blog I check every morning. Your selection is so good and well curated! And I suppose your taste is very similar to mine: vintage, eclectic, modern and crafty, even minimal sometimes... but not too much, with color and personality, maybe the most difficult to achieve!

I know your blog it is not a "kid's blog" but I was wondering if you can post some pictures as inspiration for a 4 years girl room. She likes pink and colors but I don't want nothing too much "girly" o "childysh". We live in a rental house in a town near to Barcelona (Spain). The house is nice, with garden, but is from the 50s and the structure is a mix beetween "countryside" and some ugly renovations. So, even if it is a nice house, I am planning to do some DYE at low cost.
Thanks for your time and keep it going. Your blog is a corner of selection and good taste in the crazy blogosphere world.


Cassie said...

That was such a nice comment. Thank you!

I'll see what I can come up with...