Tuesday, October 4, 2011

London suggestions?

I'm going to be visiting London and Cornwall next month. This is very well worn territory for me, so I'm really going to make a conscious effort to see something new in the capital. Anyone have any suggestions for things in London that are either brand-spankin' new or off the beaten path? Particularly stuff that's design-related. (Unfortunately, I'll be there too early for the Terrence Conran show at the Design Museum.) An account of my last (brief) visit is here.

I'll probably still go here


johanna said...

have you checked out the sweet little antiques shops on kensington church st? some of them are well-priced and have real treasures. i'm thinking of the blocks across the street/ just down the hill from the fabulous bakery/cafe & clarke's.

Erin said...

You are the travelingist person I've ever met. Insanely jealous!

Ben said...

For great food AND decor, there's the Dock Kitchen, in the Tom Dixon studio. Either for lunch or one of their very fun, themed dinners: http://www.dockkitchen.co.uk/

Dover Street Market now has even more neat concessions, including a tiny one for Egg as well as Labour&Wait, but Egg's proper shop in Kinnerton Mews is well worth a visit.

Have you been to the John Soane museum? http://www.soane.org/

Lastly, the Degas show at the RA is meant to be wonderful but you'd need to book a ticket ahead:

Patrick said...

Have you ever been to the Dennis Sever House in Shoreditch? Surprisingly interesting historic house set to appear it is being lived in...
Of course, can't pass on Pizza East right nearby... great pizza and amazing interior (also a brand new location at the way top of Portobello Road)

Cassie said...

I love Sir John Soane's Museum!

All the other suggestions are new. Thanks guys!

Jason said...

Love your taste in interiors and travel! My wife and I have visited and enjoyed many of the places you have blogged about, including Buenos Aires. We were there in October '09 and stayed in Palermo Soho, close to Boutique del Libro, which was marvelous. It's been a few years since we were in London - here are a few suggestions:

Old Spitalfields Market, including Canteen and The Lollipop Shoppe. http://canteen.co.uk/

Alfies Antique Market and environs

Fabulous tea and baked goods at Peyton and Byrne on Tottenham Court Road. Also a location in The Welcome Collection, which looks interesting.



KERRY said...

Hello! How exciting about your trip! I have lived in London for 6 months now, but lived in Devon (near Cornwall) previously. I spent many a childhood holiday in Cornwall....lovely. You asked about my plate (which is actually a small tray. I came from Sweden. You can read more about how I got it here - http://theseventytree.blogspot.com/2011/10/additions.html
Hope you can get one somehow....do you have any Swedish friends or blog contacts?
I’d like to be able to suggest somewhere for you to visit in London, but most places I know are more child-orientated aside from the obvious sites etc. Have you eaten in St John’s restaurant? I definitely recommend you try it! Enjoy your trip :)