Sunday, January 2, 2011

Random art notes

One of my big Christmas presents this year was getting this Nigel Peake print framed. I own a number of his prints, but this is by far the largest. I'm still looking for a framer that has better taste than me, however (and that's not, sadly, a comment on my great taste). Leaning up against it is this beautiful Beatrice Alemagna book I bought in Paris. I love the book, but it's too big to fit in my bookcase. So I'm going for "the layered look," I guess.

While professional framers are always a little disappointing, I maintain a fondness for this cheap-n-dirty frame job, which somehow speaks to the '70s New York hippie part of my aesthetic. This is: a cheap store-bought frame, a mat cut out of black construction paper, and a trimmed paper bag (that once had a book in it!). I kind of love it, and if I wanted to ditch it tomorrow, it would have cost me nothing.

Not costing me nothing, was my sole purchase from my recent trip to Prague. I bought this little Pavel Janák box at the gift shop to the Museum of Czech Cubism. I think it was a visceral response to all the hideous souvenirs on sale in Prague. It's completely unnecessary, but awful nice to look at.

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