Saturday, September 18, 2010

More dark glamour

The apartment of the owner of a fascinating New York shop, De Vera. This guy has a strong aesthetic, and it shows in his home.

from New York Magazine


nkp said...

It is so fascinating to see this home. The first time I went to De Vera was years and years ago. It was like walking into the most amazing curiosity shop, you'd never know from the outside the treasures contained within. It's housed in a beautiful cast iron building painted, if I'm not mistaken, in a glossy black!

We always make it a point to visit whenever we are in the city. Have you been, Cassie?

Thank you for sharing this link!!!

Cassie said...

I have been in there, but usually I'm just gazing through the window. Yes, it's black and very much a high-end curiosity shop.