Friday, September 24, 2010

I want your home.

Ordinarily, I try to be very selective with the photo selection here at Roseland Greene. But then sometimes, I encounter a home that's just perfection, and I want it all. This place belongs to photographer Anita Calero. She even has dog.

Check out that space! What a great excuse to have a gigantic houseplant! Also note the wooden ledges on the windows.

Prouvé chairs, yes, but also some sort of refrigerator-slash-storage thingie.

My apartment does have one thing in common with hers.

Bookcase previously featured here.

This post might set a record for number of labels.

from Loft Life (Even more pics at link!), via Remodelista


nkp said...

One of my favorite places ever. I've come back to this one in my inspiration files literally dozens of times. It is just so well done.

Joslyn said...

i'm with you...her house is my #1, all-time, forever dream house.