Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Black magic

This is one of those looks that seem simple at first, but ultimately show a lot of sophistication and planning. Those are some sweet-looking built-ins and these people aren't messing around.

I mean, here you go. That wood counter meeting a marble pedestal is pretty hard-core. (Sidenote: I still love those Tom Dixon pendants.)

I also remain a fan of black-stained wood, which you can see is a motif throughout the house. Presumably they have someone to clean the floors for them. Note also the yellow piping on the shelves above the computer.

The yellow is used again for the window frames. A nice, sunny contrast with all the black. Overall, the home manages to be both sophisticated and livable. Not an easy combination, and it's great to see someone pull it off.

from Dwell


nkp said...

I think this is fantastic. I was just flipping through this issue of Dwell at the grocery store. I'm pretty certain this is the home of the founder of the magazine, the original home that inspired the magazine ten years ago, in fact. I think it is beautifully executed, especially that effin' amazing kitchen counter. If I remember correctly, it is a 14 foot slab of fallen timber. Damn.

As for the dark floors, while gorgeous, these would be a bitch to clean. We just installed black Spanish walnut floors in out bedroom this summer. They are gorgeous, but I am forever zoning in on every last dust bunny and speck of lint and it drives me berserk!!!

Cassie said...

The home was apparently totally redesigned since Dwell began, and I wish the mag had included "before" pictures.