Wednesday, May 19, 2010

France, Part 1: The Louvre

Given how crazy my week at work has been, I should really be sleeping right now, but instead I'm going to post some Paris pictures. To make this slightly relevant to an interiors blog, I'll start with this amazing marble floor. I wonder how much to install in my apartment?

These were taken in the Louvre. I'd heard a lot of bad things about the Louvre — the crowds, the size, the sensory overload — and my travel companion certainly emerged grumbling about every one of them...

But with the sangfroid of someone who's been there before (granted, at 14) I decided to choose a really narrow focus and see as little as possible. So I just stuck to the French sculpture courts, since I do love photographing statues.

Of course, I wasn't the only one.

But overall, this made a much pleasanter museum-going experience than fighting my way to the Mona Lisa. The courts are fairly new, and very light and airy. Not a bad place to be on the coldest and clammiest day of the trip.

Plus, statues!

That was probably too many statue photos for most people — never mind the dozens more I took — so I'll end with something that ties back (loosely) to the interiors theme. 'Cause statues are weird, yo. Case in point:

This was huge! Much bigger than life size. Know how deer heads are so trendy right now? Who wants this installed in their apartment?

More to come...


nkp said...

Wow, must have been amazing to see these in person.

Harriet said...

just discovered you blog! lovely lovely....

also like the way those tiles look like gingham