Monday, March 15, 2010

Hippie chic

My job has just made a new lurch towards The Crazy, so maybe that's why I'm feeling the high-end simple life demonstrated by these converted barns in Holland.

I don't like the sofa and the pouf, but I like the general vibe. (And how about that floor lamp, hmmm?)

This converted barn is not all that hippie-ish. But I just love the clean lines of those windowsills. I wish I could replace my own with this look.

from Ina & Matt, via Please Sir


Stephanie said...

I love anywhere with a woodburning stove.

(Soory to hear about the lurch to the crazy. Blergh.)

nkp said...

Those deep set windowsills are on my ultimate home wish list as well. And I'm totally taken with that first image.

please sir said...

Thanks for the link love - glad you enjoyed!