Monday, January 11, 2010

Remember her?

Remember lavender sofa lady? Her home was featured again in the excellent December Elle Decoration UK. Turns out she's designer Florence Baudoux and this is her family home in Paris. I can't say the place really gives off "family home" vibes. But the six shades of grey that she employs throughout are pretty luscious. Plus, those ceilings, windows and floors!

from Richard Powers


Stephanie said...

This is just full-on swank. That shade of pruple is having a moment, I think 0 I was just at ABC Carpet and Home and they were full of dusty purple things.

nkp said...

Yeah, my little threesome of tasmanian devils would destroy that place in a heartbeat. But it is undeniably beautiful and those floors are scrumptious.

erin@designcrisis said...

I forgot all about this house -- you have a super memory!

LOVE the curtains and the architecture. Why don't they have homes like this in Austin?

Lisa said...

i love this color palette of gray with lavender...very modern and lovely