Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two rumpled bedrooms

For some reason, I'm much more amenable to traditional looks in the bedroom. Especially if they have a super pared-down and simple look. Here, the artwork provides some bling, but it's the muted colors that have the real impact. From the home of designer Karin Draaijer. Vermeer seems to be waiting in the wings to step in and paint.

Can't resist pairing it with this shot. Also beautifully rumpled and featuring a portrait — with the added bonus of an industrial task lamp!

top from Remodelista, bottom via Head Over Heels


nkp said...

I can't resist all that rumpled linen. Serene and quietly striking.

Stephanie said...

I like bedrooms with a touch of classicism because classicism implies a kind of restfulness - an aesthetic tried and approved through the ages.

These are lovely.

erin@designcrisis said...

These both make me want to redo my bedroom.

Oh, and welcome back!!!

Cassie said...

Stephanie, that makes a lot of sense.