Friday, October 30, 2009

Last bit of BA

So of course I bought some decorating magazines at the Buenos Aires airport. Magazine sellers over there do everything possible to discourage you from previewing anything (and it was the smallest airport magazine shop I've ever seen), but I risked it and bought two local deco mags: "Living" and "Elle Decoration Argentina." They were notable for featuring exclusively Argentinian homes. The one pictured above is my favorite. Kind of laid-back and elegant at the same time.

from Elle Decoration Argentina, October 2009


mb said...

Both rooms have an old world feel to them. How about the floors. I am intrigued by the first photo. Terrazzo? Surely not lino.
Thanks for sharing.

erin@designcrisis said...

Soft and cozy, but not overly so. Lovely!

Cassie said...

It's terrazzo. Very common over there. As are black and white checks.

Carla said...

Afeter being for almost three months in Argentina, I knew I wanted to take as many deco magazines as I could since the style in the country is outstanding, singular and hard to find in any other place. I also bought the Elle Decoration one but I have to say that when I had to rent apartments in buenos aires  and I saw many to choose one, I visualized decorations I liked better. I saw a flat inspired in the Peron times. It was very fance and everything was kind of reddish. Loved it!