Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Draped lamps

Visible cords, draped casually across a ceiling. I've been seeing this look lately (including here) and I definitely respond to it. But part of me wonders if it only works in a room that's impeccably decorated. Or else it just looks like a mistake — unfinished! What do you think?

from Design*Sponge


Stephanie said...

I think it could work in a variety of places ... but I don't mind unfinished things.

nkp said...

I think an impeccably decorated room
is definitely a bonus. I HAD to do this in my office due to the electrical situation, and while it's fine...not quite the same result as these great spaces. Love that first ceiling!

erin@designcrisis said...

I think the detailed ceilings help, and both rooms are pretty casual. Wouldn't really work in a fancy space.

guy@manmakehome said...

Chiming in late here - but I think works in a lot of spaces, especially if you buy nice cord/flex.