Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Buenos Aires!

So, in less that two months, I'll be on my long-awaited vacation to Buenos Aires! I'm so excited! And I'll be staying here, at the Home Hotel, which looks very trendy and fun!

Here's their sample photo of a small room, which, of course, is where I'll be staying. I think they might have had me when I heard "vintage French wallpaper in every room." I love bright, bold patterns. It's hard to make a commitment to them in real life — so why not experience them in a hotel.

There's also a lovely backyard pool. I'll be there in the spring, and it'll be too cool to swim, I think. But this looks like a great place to settle down with a drink.

Of course, if I was a real high-roller, I'd stay in the Garden Suite...

which has its own lil' baby pool.

Can't wait!

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nkp said...

Funny, I saw some of these very images recently...somewhere...and the last bedroom shot- love, love the wallpaper.

Lucky you, I'm jealous! :0)