Monday, June 8, 2009

Ooooh, floor lamp!

It's cool.

They also have quite a lovely stairwell. I would totally sit there, read and gaze out the window (maybe not in a Panton chair, though).

from The Selby


benhunting said...

Serge Mouille, as you've written before! The people who run the company that imports the lamps (including Jieldé and another line) aren't very nice but at one point when my girlfriend and I inquired, their prices seemed much lower than the retail usually quoted (import taxes etc not included though).

We are thinking of getting a more affordable AJ floor lamp once they (hopefully inevitably) go on sale at DWR.

Did you ever post about which floor lamp you eventually bought?

Cassie said...

Are you sure it's a Mouille? I see a cord! And the re-editions, at least, don't come in other colors.

I still haven't bought a floor lamp (to replace my current one), but I'm always looking. An Arne Jacobsen remains a possibility!

benhunting said...

I should think you're right. Similar but different from a Mouille, on closer inspection. The AJ Royal lamp is great, I think, and particularly if you get the shade in grey-brown linen.