Monday, April 6, 2009


I was wandering around the western reaches of Soho on Saturday, and I happened into a store called Wyeth. (Since coming home and finding this bitter Apartment Therapy thread, I now know that this is a well-known place among serious furniture collectors, but I definitely don't fit that profile!) I'm a strictly amateur furniture-ogler, so I was happy to be buzzed inside (safely obscured by other customers) and left alone to wander around and admire all the amazing pieces. It didn't take long to make the ominous discovery that nothing had a price tag on it.

And after I saw a bunch of original Finn Juhl chairs I knew the place was totally out of my league.

Still, the store is densely packed with amazing stuff, and it was fun to imagine that it was just a humble old antique store, and something could be purchased for less than $1,000 (about my maximum in theoretical spending).

Then a well-heeled couple who were actually consulting with a salesman asked about a Hans Wegner chaise. When I heard that it was one of only three in the world, I prepared for the worst. And ... $200,000! Ouch! I think even the well-heeled couple blanched at that.

All images from Wyeth's web site, which lists neither price, nor provenance.


Biba said...

Gorgeous light, chair and table... no harm in looking!

erin@designcrisis said...

$200k for a chaise?! WHAT?!

I was prepared the say, oh yes, it's fun to look and be inspired by great furniture, but good grief! That is just insane.

benhunting said...

Wyeth does have wonderful things, but the prices seem much more than almost anywhere else. I couldn't afford anything there. For further browsing-without-affording you should check out R 20th century. It's amazing.