Monday, March 9, 2009

Wood love

Certainly have enough wood for that fireplace, don't they? (Is the stacked wood thing a stylist cliche at this point?) The photo is showing off the hippie charm of that Marimekko fabric, but I just LOVE those wooden dining room chairs.

via the Style Files


Designers' Brew said...

I LOVE this--I love the way that the firewood is massed so densely that it becomes part of the three-dimensional and textural play of the entire fireplace wall. Just beautiful.

carol l. said...

Too much stacked wood for my taste. I can't help thinking of creepy crawlies in the wood. But it does look good.
The chairs are great, and I like the hippie tablecloth, as well. But then I am definitely of hippie vintage!

Cassie said...

I think of creepy-crawlies too. I'm so practical.

Anonymous said...

The chair is the Domus Chair by Tapiovaara :o) I love the pirkka series