Monday, March 16, 2009

More bravery

I was so thrilled today to see that Design*Sponge had posted the home of Dave Alhadeff of The Future Perfect, Brooklyn's most interesting (and most exasperating) design store. I saw this home in a layout in Elle Decoration UK and was very tempted to buy it — but frugality won out, and now I can gaze on it for free. And it really fits the little "fearless decorating" theme I'm working this week. I would never paint a room that color, but it kind of works for him, and I admire that. And check out those floors! Clearly, he started with a very interesting raw space...

How amazing is that metal sliding door thing! Styling it with the cherry blossom branch is so beautiful I can overlook the terrifying pig in the corner.

from Design*Sponge. Follow the link for many more photos!

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