Friday, March 6, 2009

Cornwall cottage, part II

So after a midweek sojourn to the land of dark paint, I feel I must revisit this cottage in Cornwall with a few more shots.

The aged walls!

But a cleaner and fresher look in the bedrooms, which is quite appropriate.

Plus, doggies! These two look so cozy and comfy I'm willing to revise my opinion on bean bag chairs.

from Hotze Eisma


Heidi Alfonzo said...

Good Morning! As the big fan I am of your blog, I have given you an award! feel free to pick it up anytime! Keep up the great work!


carol l. said...

I won't revise my opinion of bean bag chairs — great for children and dogs. For the rest of us — not so good. But the walls in this Cornwall cottage should be good for all. Especially the cream/green wall. I love it. And the botanical prints (?) are great against the wall color.

Főfüge said...

Nagyszserű fotók!