Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dark matter

I don't know if I'd like this look in the summertime, but it looks pretty great in the heart of winter. Love those ceiling beams, that door and (on the attainable side) those black bookcases.

from Martyn Thompson


nkp said...

I have this very same photo saved in a draft post. His work is so beautiful. The interiors are always inspiring, but there is something about his particular touch that is always identifiable to me. He just did a spread in the latest cookie magazine and the photos are exquisite. I'm waiting for the slideshow online so I can post about it.

Laura said...

I've loved this whole house since the first time I saw it in a magazine. . .maybe House & Garden. The owner is a commercial director, and he salvages all this great stuff. His name is Carter. . .something. I wish you could find the shots of his kitchen and bathroom. Big fan of your blog!

erin@designcrisis said...

I love black everything, so that is one gorgeous room.