Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Old paint

We like a nice aged wall here at Roseland Greene, and this place is chock full of them. I like how the untouched spots are in different places in different rooms. Here's it's just the ceiling.

Terrific wide plank floors. And I like the eclectic furnishings.

Stairway to aged wall heaven! A land without lead or asbestos.

from Light Locations. Click for many more photos.


Laura said...

The second photo feels John Derian-esque.

susieq said...

I agree with Laura. All three photos are yummy.

erin@designcrisis said...

Gawd, I covet those wide plank floors!

Designers' Brew said...

not to be completely creepy, but you and I have seerily similar taste (well, at least it's eerie for me... I do not flatter myself that it affects you one way or the other ;)). But I love EVERYTHING that you post! I get week in the knees from grody old peeling paint.