Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cabin in Uruguay

These pics come from World of Interiors, really an undervalued gem among shelter mags. This is a cabin in a remote part of Uruguay built by the chef Francis Mallmann. I've never had any desire to live in the middle of nowhere (with no electricity at that!) but Mallman's decor is stunning. It's cozy and rustic, but also clean and modern, with pride of place for books. Pretty much perfect.

from The World of Interiors, January 2009. More amazing pics in the magazine.


nkp said...

Oh my...the bookshelves, the pitched ceiling, the fireplace...love.it.all. You've done it again, this one is extra swoon-worthy!

nkp said...

...ugh, and those chairs, they make me choke-up! So beautiful!!!

erin@designcrisis said...

The black trim on the windows is to die for!

I've got to check out this magazine since so many shelter mags have gone under. Any more in particular that you like?

carol l. said...

All the cobalt blue doesn't hurt, either.

Cassie said...

Hush, you. It's not really cobalt blue.

As to shelter mags, I'm kind of picky, and I try not to buy too many, since my Domino subscription is already taking over the apartment. My faves are still Living Etc. and Elle Decoration UK, although I'm less enchanted with those two than I was a few years ago.

The World of Interiors looks great because its very high end, but neither overly traditional nor trendy (Domino is SO trendy). There's a surprising mix of spaces, including historic interiors, which I like (I never met a European palace I didn't want to visit). Bummer about the cover price, though.

Susan Graham said...

Wow...love the collection of photos. The interiors are so inspiring...with the right amount Indian and Western decor to be appreciated by all.

Thanks for sharing the photos :))

rustic bedroom furniture said...

Beautiful tray! I love things like that! The colour are perfect in there too! I am starting to introduce rustic pieces like that. I just love all the history and stories that they may carry! :) Have a wonderful weekend!!

Susan Graham