Friday, January 9, 2009

At home with Michael Stipe

The Selby visited Michael Stipe and his boyfriend at home. I think he's the first household name to appear on the site since Tom Wolfe, and I'm a teensy bit disappointed. Although I do like the way the Prouve chair is just casually holding crap.

And I like a lot of the art. I think I like anything involving original Penguin covers.

from The Selby


erin@designcrisis said...

Be careful.. don't say anything too nasty or the selby will make you yank your post. I wrote about Wolfe and he forced me to delete it.

I do like Stipe's art collection, though.

Cassie said...

Hopefully "teensy bit disappointed" isn't too nasty!

Wendy J. St. Christopher said...

Those walls, floors and windows are to die for. I'd have to do a teensie bit of straightening up, though. :-)