Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bertoia, baby!

Here's another great old/new mix. The rough walls and terrazzo floor of the room contrast with the sleek, open lines of the Bertoia chairs and sexy modern table. The room looks like it belongs in a villa on the Amalfi coast that has been hewn from the side of the cliff. You could pull up one of those chairs when you were dripping wet out of the ocean, and wait for someone to bring you a glass of Prosecco. No?

from Debi Treloar


please sir said...

Oh I love it - such a perfect mix of old and new!

erin@designcrisis said...

Mmmmm... prosecco!

And I love the old/new mix.

nkp said...

I'll bring the antipasto if you give me directions on how to get there. That is one perfect dining spot. I love your blog!

carol l. said...

Good! And I'll be happy to make pasta — or grill a fish fresh from the sea!