Monday, November 17, 2008

Frankly, my dear

So, I was looking at a Pottery Barn catalog this weekend, and I saw this:

I confess that I haven't really kept up with Pottery Barn, so I have no idea how new this is, but I couldn't help but go on a rant to the catalog owners, who I doubt knew the difference between Josef Frank and Josef Hoffman.

I've been in love with Josef Frank fabrics since seeing them at Liberty of London many years ago. I couldn't afford them back then, and I still can't afford them now, but I always thought that one of them would find a place in my fantasy home. This year I went to Stockholm and visited Svenskt Tenn, the exuberant flagship of the Frank universe, where my love continued unabated.

On closer inspection, the Pottery Barn "homage" is not as close as I originally thought, and I suppose I have no real reason to object. But I blame Domino (and their recent Frank-boosting) for all this.

But here are the original designs that most inspired the knock off.

Vegetable Tree

and Aralia


Anonymous said...

The originals are gorgeous! And what a difference compared with the knock-offs -

erin@designcrisis said...

I second anonymous!